^ Kristen Grow has endless energy and she loves being in the kitchen.


Kristen Grow is committed to better menu options. When she and husband Jeff bit the bullet to launch this cafe, moving their established coffee roasting operation from Frazeysburg to Heath, Kristen insisted on serving an abundance of items made from scratch with fresh ingredients, minimal fats and oils, and locally sourced as much as possible.

coffee shack toasts

^ An asortment of breakfast toasts.


Let’s be real. We love good food. But, so much of what we love isn’t very good for us. Hats off to the restaurants that work really hard to prepare fresh, healthy food. But only a few of them succeed at creating exciting, flavorful experiences without a dependence on fats, oils, and carbs. It is not easy to do. Enter Coffee Shack Coffee Roasters & Cafe.

coffee shack salad

 ^ Many menu options can be prepared as a sandwich, or in this case, a salad.


If eating healthy is important to you, you must find this place. The menu is large. Popular open faced toasts, paninis, and sandwiches on Lucky Cat Bakery breads or Block’s bagels, salads, fresh fruit and produce, fruit smoothies, hummus, fresh baked muffins, yogurt, and hand-crafted sodas. The chicken sandwiches feature Coffee Shack’s own house-roasted rotisserie chicken. In my two visits I ordered an avocado and tomato toast on multigrain and their Bourbon Chicken sandwich panini. Each bite worthy of closed-eyes, low-moan, head nodding hmmmm.


coffee shack boubon chicken

^The popular slow-roasted rotisserie Bourbon Chicken sandwich panini-style on Lucky Cat multigrain.


Jeff and Kristen Grow have transformed this warehouse space into a warm, comforting retreat complete with islands of soft seating, coffee tables, wifi, and a private meeting/dining area. You’ll find them by turning down South 22nd across from Giant on 79 in a single story warehouse they share with Furniture Depot and a screen printer. Don’t be shy about making your first visit here. You will be back.


kristen jeff grow

^ Kristen and husband Jeff, the coffee roaster.


This is first and foremost a coffee shop. Coffee Shack Coffee Roasters has been commercially roasting organic coffee for five years in Frazeysburg, Ohio. The coffee here deserves its own story and we promise to do a follow-up soon. In the meantime, Coffee Shack offers organic coffee sourced from small farms with an emphasis on fair trade and rain forest compliance. Be sure to ask Jeff about his cold coffee brew on tap, especially the Nitro Cold Brew (think Guinness, only coffee).


Coffee Shack Coffee Roasters & Cafe
409 S 22nd St Suite 3, Heath
(740) 915-8372


 coffee shack comfy

^ Cozy, casual spaces.


coffee shack muffins

^ A loaf pan of Kristen's home made muffins.


coffee shack interior

coffee shack exterior2

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