Carie Starr

 Q and A with Thornville's Cherokee Valley Bison Ranch owner/farmer Carie Starr.


VeggieSNAPS tokens at CMD

Canal Market District keeps up aggressive pace in providing access to fresh, healthy food for the entire community.


Together We Grow Greenhouse

Conversations about food, and how food impacts our lives, leads visionaries into different directions for Pam Roberts and Jen Cuevas.


SK poster

The second season of twice weekly farmers markets in the Canal Market District begins this weekend. But the kickoff party May 19 is going to raise the roof.


bird family
Eight of your favorite farmers market stands in one weekly CSA program. Bird’s Haven Farms creates a magical market experience but you gotta hurry.


Granville market BOX O HEAT

Direct from the farm produce, flowers, herbs, meats, eggs, cheeses, honey, breads, pies, and more start arriving in May.



Here is valuable information to help you bridge the farmers market gap until this spring. Local dairy, eggs, cheese, grass-fed beef, produce and bread available now.



together we grow gardens

Get a weekly share of the spring and summer crops from county farmers. Its sign-up time for local CSA programs.


market sign

I visited the indoor Granville farmer's market today and had a chance to talk to some of the vendors and farmers to find out what to expect throughout the winter. Here's what I found out.



I was looking for a small farm that sold grass-fed & grass-finished beef, with no secrets to hide, and even better, had a passion for the environment and our responsibility we have to take care of it. And that I did.


paint valley butter

If you live in Ohio, there is not a shortage of getting your hands on a nice deep yellow, high-quality grass-fed butter. It's a superfood.


honeycrisp heart

Branstool Orchards grows several exotic apple varieties such as Tsugaru, Topaz and Pixie Crunch, but the Honeycrisp, well that's the best apple ever.


canal market district

Some markets draw to a close and others are in through October. Don't miss your chance at the harvest of a great growing season.


hlf share csa

A list of area farms offering Community Supported Agriculture programs in Licking County, Ohio.


half share csa

What changed my in life was figuring out how to eat all the vegetables that I receive. Figuring out how to eat the shear volume. Figuring out what some of this stuff is ——like that big ball of root whatever.


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