Peony Bistro sashimi sushi combo

^ The Sushi Sashimi Combo. A vase of hot saki always in reach.


I have a long-standing love affair with sushi that goes back to the days I lived in Washington, DC after college. I couldn’t get enough. To this day, I go through bouts when I need a sushi fix. Its then that I am desperately seeking sushi in central Ohio.

Columbus has a number of excellent sushi restaurants but the round trip can get old. Closer to home are a couple great sushi choices on Hamilton Road in Gahanna. But my search for sushi, good sushi, in Licking County is over now that Peony Bistro has moved to town.

Terri Guo at Peony Bistro

^Meet Terri Guo. Terry manages this intimate bistro/bar and she is the smiling face diligently taking care of the customer experience.

Terri Guo and husband Liu Shaobo opened Peony Bistro Asian Cuisine almost two years ago in this small retail strip on West Church beside Texas Road house here at the border of Newark and Granville. Their way to Ohio comes from Michigan and through Indiana. And it was a twist of fate that landed them here instead of their original plan to open in California.

  Liu Shaobo at Peony Bistro

^ Lui Shaobo happy at the wok in the kitchen.

I must be clear that Peony is a great deal more than a sushi bar. It is a full Asian restaurant with an extensive menu of mostly Chinese cuisine sprinkled with many Japanese favorites too. Lui is your chef running this kitchen. The menu is prepared with fresh ingredients. Be sure to visit their website for the full menu.


 Peony Bistro sashimi lunch

^Today’s lunch starts with a warm bowl of miso soup, a little tossed crab salad, and a light sashimi plate.

I am here for the sushi and sashimi. Whether sitting at a dining table, being a spectator at the sushi bar, or even bellying up to the full cocktail bar, when I am here I am in heaven with a platter of sashimi and a large hot saki.


 Andy Young

^Master sushi chef, Andy Young

I do suggest that you spend time at the sushi bar and watch master sushi chef Andy Young prepare your meal. You may even catch him happily humming a tune. He is in the zone. And when your order is presented, and before you dive in, take time to soak in the artistry of the plate.



I have to tell you about this before I close this post. Next time I come here I am trying the Sushi Pizza. Seriously. Sushi Pizza. A crispy-fried flour tortilla is layered with a house-made spicy crab meat spread, spicy tuna with ‘crunchies’, sliced avocado, a sprinkle of Tobiko (flying fish roe), and finished with eel sauce. It looks marvelous but I was too full. Next time, I promise.



Peony Bistro
1230 W Church Street
(740) 641-2021


peony interior


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