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You can imagine how proud Mr. Elliott felt in 1905 as he stood, neck wrenched with hands on hips, looking up at the lettering above the doorway at 16 West Main Street. “ELLIOTT CO. HARDWARE.”  Fast forward 112 years and Elliott is back and just as proud. Andre and Mike Sarap have reincarnated Elliott as Elliot’s Wood Fired Kitchen and Tap (with only one ’t’ this time). By virtue of this delicious alternative pizza, the Ohio craft beer selection, and craft cocktails, LickingEats.com’s prediction is that Elliot is going to stick around for a long time this time.


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Many of you will lament the loss of the landmark Sparta at 16 West Main Street and it’s iconic Statue of Liberty replica. In recent years, during it’s short-lived coffeehouse venture of Project Main Street, this space had resurrected many fond memories of the beloved Sparta lunch counter and candy store. There is no shortage of stories from local seniors recounting visits to Sparta as children with their grandparents. The building holds a lot of history and there is no escaping it from the moment you walk inside.

It is clearly not the Sparta any more. But, it is part of a new, lively downtown that is something everyone can welcome.


elliot interior
^ Fresh, uncluttered interior of Elliot’s.




^  Pizza Magherita is a classic with fresh mozzarella, tomato sauce (crushed tomato and salt, no sugar), and chopped fresh basil.


While you’ll find sandwiches,  tacos, and familiar bar apps at Elliot’s, pizza is the superstar here.

This is Neapolitan pizza. A thin, blistered crust, mostly crisp and topped with simple, fresh ingredients.  By definition these pies are baked in a brick oven at temperatures that reach as high as 900 degrees. It’s so hot the pie’s cook in 60-90 seconds and require constant attention. Expect some dark underside, this is part of what sets a Neapolitan pizza apart from every pizza you are accustom to.



^ Elliot's massive 2.5 ton oven and dough press.


Way in the back of Elliot’s sits their custom made 2.5 ton behemoth of an oven. Pizza is baked directly on the stone deck as it burns a combination of local hickory, oak, and maple hardwoods. The dough is made every morning with super fine Italian “00” flour. The result is a pizza with deep, smokey taste and a crisp, lightly charred crust.


^ Each pie is roughly 10” in diameter and cut in traditional pizza slices (imagine that). Gluten free dough is available. This is the Veggie Pizza.

The Saraps, owners/operators of North Newark favorite Red Oak Pub, explored several wood fired pizza concepts throughout the midwest before settling on Elliot’s recipes and baking techniques. The menu boasts a significant variety of pizzas along with build your own. The bar includes an impressive 16 handles for draft beer (regional craft beer alongside Bud, Miller, and Guinness), and four taps for wine. Craft cocktails are featured as well.



Elliot’s Wood Fired Kitchen and Tap
16 W. Main Street, Newark
(740) 670-8510

Listed Hours
11am-11pm Monday - Saturday
11am-9pm Sunday


front door

elliots exterior


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