Christin Malherbe

^ This place makes you happy.

If you didn’t know it before you know it now. Bummie’s is a thing. A popular thing. This small East side neighborhood bar kicked ass during Licking Co Tasty Buns & Craft Beer Week last month. They sold a whopping 289 of their featured Bummie’s Steakhouse Burger in just six days. That volume represents 16% of all featured sandwiches sold during TBCB Week. I had to pay Bummie’s a visit and find out what the buzz was all about.

289 sandwiches sold

^ The number of featured sandwiches Bummies sold in six days during TBCB Week last month.

I must admit though, I manage the lickingeats.com social media empire and I could see the Bummie’s tidal wave approaching from the start of TBCB Week. Their official sandwich page was shared on Facebook more than all other pages combined. Bummie’s loyal customers were also relentlessly posting photos to social media tagged with #tbcbweek. It was impressive.


Facebook post

^ One of hundreds of Facebook posts sharing Bummie’s Steakhouse Burger during TBCB Week.

Just across the tracks North of Rt 16 on Cedar Street sits this unassuming landmark with a dull brown exterior and it’s story-high mansard roof. There is nothing remarkable about the interior either, it is what you should expect from a mid-Western, blue collar bar and, it just so happens, I am a fan of mid-Western, blue collar bars.

What is remarkable is the community of people in here. The staff is engaging. Customers are engaged across tables with each other. It is refreshing. This is what a public house is supposed to be. Credit Tim and Christin Malherbe who bought this roadhouse a couple years ago, focused their attention on the menu to the delight of everybody and who treat customers like family.

bummies sign

^ The original red and white “BUMMIE’S” sign juts over the curb.

Bummie’s is an intimate neighborhood bar that is serving up really good bar food. Tim has transformed the menu (less is more) with a focus on freshly prepared items wherever possible and an appealing variety of house favorites that includes made to order hand-formed burgers, fresh cut fries, fish tail sandwiches, black bean burgers, meatloaf and a love of pastrami. Regulars count on the daily specials. Get to know them and then get here early.


Rueben burger
^ I had the Reuben Burger, a 6 oz. patty topped with sliced Pastrami, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing. It made me happy.


Bummie’s Pub and Grub
55 N. Cedar Street, Newark
(740) 915-4365


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